9.1.15 :: 'Allston Christmas'

May the warmth you feel this season be not due to arborvirus-related fever.

As moving day has commenced in the city of Boston, many students have begun to leave tons of furniture all along the streets of the city.  It may seem like an incredible deal to just grab whatever you want that is left abandoned on the side of the street, but we wanted to warn you of the danger of doing so.

A Brief History:
Allston Christmas is September 1st in Boston. Massachusetts, USA. With the hundreds of thousands of college students that move into, out of, and across Boston on September 1st, there is a great deal of furniture and other household items that are either left temporarily or discarded on the sidewalks of Allston, Brighton, Mission Hill, The Fenway, Cambridge, Brookline, and other student-rich sections of the Boston area. Allston 'Christmas' refers to the bounty of "new" stuff that one can easily acquire free of cost simply by walking down to the sidewalk and running off with it back into your own apartment. Much of the items that are left on the sidewalk are free to take because people can't fit them into their new apartment or don't have enough space in the truck to move them. However, many of the items are simply left on the sidewalk temporarily and are rummaged (read: 'stolen') by the neighbors in the chaos that is the city of Boston on Septemer 1st.

Our warning to BAC students is in regard to the bed bugs that may or may not be lurking in each of these pieces of furniture: