Competition :: Six Cities High Rise Challenge

Competition :: Six Cities High Rise Challenge
Submit by 10.31.15
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The Six Cities Solar High Rise Challenge is a global competition in architecture and building, inviting architects, engineers, urban planners, sustainable designers, and students with faculty sponsorship to submit design proposals for highrise urban power generators/distributed lessor apartment/hotels in New York, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, and Tokyo.  Using the MICROTRACK™ module we invite you to prove the reality of the energy positive high rise now and make space for a different direction.

Over the past five years the cost of land and energy in our cities has increased so much that many municipal councils have come to value the needs of the corporation over the needs of the citizen.  It begs the question whether the current model is the best model for the most people?

The competition will result in the selection of three projects worldwide.  Each will win top title, $4000 US, and the opportunity to build.