Student Org. of the Month :: SASLA

Each month, the Office of Student Life will be highlighting one of the many active student organization we have on campus.  This month's group is SASLA!

What is SASLA?
SASLA is the Student American Society of Landscape Architects at the BAC.

Who is SASLA?
We are Jess Alpert (President), Tom Klein (Vice President), Jacob Ferreira (Treasurer), Neil DeMarco (Secretary) and Lance Guerrero (Communications). We are BAC landscape architecture students and collaborating disciplines.

Why should a BAC student get involved with SASLA?
Becoming involved with SASLA means you will be able to utilize leadership roles as a tool for creativity. At any SASLA event and you will meet a welcoming and vibrant group of students who are passionate about what we do.

Those who get involved with SASLA open up networking opportunities that are otherwise challenging to find. From our SASLA Socials to community events, like Park(ing) Day, the opportunity to engage with your peers and the eastern Massachusetts design community is invaluable to professional development.

What is SASLA’s favorite event?
Park(ing) Day 2015!  Park(ing) Day was amazing, in that, we utilized our skills as designers to intervene in our community. The energy during the event was amazing, and it showed the power of design. Academically, the Mark Focht lecture and lunch last semester was very inspiring and we as a group of participants left feeling energized and excited for our work. The Mark Focht lecture last Spring was also a favorite, and a huge success.

What is SASLA looking forward to? 
Along with our two Green Roof Tours coming up, we are looking forward to our monthly SASLA Socials and the opportunity to get to know all of our new peers at the BAC! The Landscape Architecture department is growing, and we'd love to see some new faces, and collaborate with architecture, interior architecture, and design studies students this semester.

Upcoming events:

Get involved with SASLA today!