Student Org. of the Month :: IAC

Each month, the Office of Student Life will be highlighting one of the many active student organization we have on campus.  This month's group is IAC!

What is IAC?  
IAC is the Interior Architecture Collaborative at the BAC.

IAC Leaders (Soramy Le, Hannah Smith, and Maria Martinez Romo)

Who is IAC? 
IAC leaders are Maria Martinez Romo (President), Hannah Smith (Vice President), Soramy Le (Secretary) We are Bachelors and Masters students of all BAC disciplines. IAC enhances student’s educational experience and networking opportunities, by acting as a bridge between the International Design Association New England Chapter (IIDA); Interior Designers New England Chapter (ASID) and the office of Student Life at the BAC.

Why should a BAC student get involved with IAC?
By becoming involved with IAC, students will broaden their networking circle on campus and in the professional field. We are a passionate group of individuals who collaborate in creative and innovative projects throughout the year that enhances our creative design process and professional design experience.

What is IAC’s favorite event (past, present)?
Without a doubt, IAC loves to participate in the yearly IIDA fashion show competition. This is our biggest event of the year, and provides students the opportunity to gain practice hours, develop creative costume designs, network at the biggest interior design competition in New England, and develop relationships with vendors and design firms.

What is IAC looking forward to? 
With 1 week away from the fashion show, we are excited to showcase our hard work, and make the BAC proud. We are also exited for our Art collaborative project.

IAC Fashion Show Design team hard at work at Silverman Trykowski Associates.

The Fashion Show
The fashion show is an Interior Design competition where firms and design schools get to design costumes from materials used in interior design projects. Teams get to partner with industry vendors and develop costumes from concept to production. Each design is showcased in a fashion show runway style gala event where they are judged by a panel of recognized designers.

An exhilarating event that opens develops friendships, creativity, craftsmanship, and potential jobs!

IIDA Fashion Show New England Competition 2014 BAC Entry