IIDANE Fashion Show 2015 :: Recap

IIDANE Fashion Show 2015 :: Recap
BAC's Interior Architecture Collaborative (IAC)

For the past five years, the BAC has entered the International Interior Design Association New England Chapter’s (IIDANE) Fashion Show. The IIDANE Fashion Show is an incredible event where firms and schools get sponsored by industry vendors and create costumes out of their vendor’s material. This year our three vendors were The Romo Group, AIS and Legrand; so we had everything from fabric, lighting and desk plastic laminates to work with.

IIDA chose this year’s theme for be SENSEation and our BAC team interpreted that into a dichotomy between good and evil. We created a narrative revolving around a child representing purity, innocence and good; a guardian, representing maturity, strength and protection; and a shadow, representing fear, evil and darkness. The whole team worked together to create costumes that showcased this idea as well as to perfect the runway performance- which was unbelievable.

Although the BAC enters the fashion show every year, one very special thing about this year was our team. Our members consisted of students from every discipline and half of the team was first semester students. One of our first semester members, Aishwarya, reflected on her experience expressing how we not only built three incredible outfits but also bonded and became a family.

“I joined the team on the first Friday of October, 2015. As a new-comer, of course, I had the beginner's nerves syndrome. But the team effortlessly swept me with its tide. The designs for the costumes had been finalized by then and the theme was explained to me. From that moment onward, every work session I attended, was lively, fast-paced, embued with creativity and adventurous in terms of creative experimentation. At first, I was skeptical of the materials they planned to integrate into the costumes, but slowly, skepticism melted and morphed into genuine interest and excitement as the entire team began to construct the structural framework for the costumes.

Since we were integrating various materials used in Interior Design, it was quite a task. I remember wondering if it was possible for a bunch of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Interior Design students to dabble in fashion design. But as days passed into weeks and then into a month, I knew that dabble was no word to use for the work done by this quirky, brilliant, loud, music-loving, talented group of people. Luis- jack of all trades, master of many, Ghalib and Humza- the golden Adonises, Erin- the curly haired pretty, Alissa- the bold, blunt and beautiful lady, Hannah- the charming and adorable pixie, Maria with her bold playfulness and compassion, Liz with her smiling and cheerful optimism, older Liz with her spirit younger than those of all of us (but you know what they say about those classy, expensive aged wine- they only grow better with age), Tamara with her casual originality, Renee with her soft-spoken and encouraging nature, Genevieve with her glowing vitality and last but never the least, Soramy, with her endless well of patience, bonhomie and caring nature...They were gritty, determined, stubborn, and worked with the single-minded focus of a bloodhound tracking a scent.

From scaling own materials to fit the budget, finding a place for us to work outside college, spontaneously making changes to designs to make the costumes look better, to moving heaven and earth to procure tickets for all of us to attend the Fashion Show, this team did not bat their collective eyelids and took every challenge in its stride and left me with a feeling of awe.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with this wonderful group of people and I have no idea when they all crept into my heart to become family. Mornings, afternoons and evenings filled with Dunkin' Donuts coffee and donuts, pizzas, snacks, and a cozy and generous working space at STA was all it took for me to watch each of this twinkling and glittering collection of stars to show me his or her own individual radiance. It all began with this thought of them being just like beautiful, bright stars, and then it would be almost befitting that STA would be the sky in which these stars twinkled.

While we did not take home with us any awards, I look into my heart and cannot find a single drop of regret. Perhaps it is because I met these people, laughed with them, came to know them, confided in them, understood them, worked with them and hoped with them. All I can say at the end of this lovely and precious experience is that if one can show me a team as respectful yet playful, loving yet disciplined, loud yet elegant, quirky yet welcoming, happy yet realistic, filled with laughter yet united through different hardships, fun-loving yet hard-working, carefree yet committed and beautifully balanced with each and everyone's own unique brand of love, I will show that person and exquisitely formed black pearl...For both exquisite teams and black pearls, while not impossible to come by, are very rare. I not only found one but also was lucky to have been a part of it. Thank you, all of you, and thank you STA.
Lots of love,

Thank you to our vendors, the BAC, STA, and IIDA, but most importantly thank you to our absolutely incredible team. Until next year!

- IAC Leaders, Hannah Smith, Maria Martinez Romo and Soramy Le