BAC Strategic Planning :: For Students, By Students

BAC Strategic Planning :: For Students, By Students

On the evenings of Friday Dec. 3rd and Sunday Dec. 5th, BAC President Glen Leroy met with BAC students to discuss the current state and future of the BAC.  As the President leads the charge in developing the college's Strategic Plan, the student voice couldn't play a more vital role.  The survey should not take more than 5 minutes, and we greatly appreciate your feedback.   The ideas, thoughts, and opinions of those students in attendance are listed below:

Key Issues for the Future

  • Increased hours of building access
  • Clear signage to indicate our campus and facilities from the outside
  • Reduce program length/practice hours
  • Program continuity
  • More social events
  • “Bring the bar back!”
  • Work for international students 
  • Storage for commuter students
  • More buildings
  • Dorms/Student housing
  • Fridge so students can bring lunch
  • Dedicated studio space
  • Tuition
  • Different range of class times
  • List specific majors on diplomas
  • More computers, computer labs, and seating
  • Advisor for each student in the Practice Dept
  • More student and administrative offices (Student Affairs, etc) available during evening hours
  • Overnight printing
  • Early morning
  • Library hours
  • Updating the 320 Newbury building and facilities
  • Problematic tuition payment plan
  • Updated tables
  • Mentorship program
  • Technology
  • Cross-disciplinary projects

BAC’s Unique or Special Niche
  • Location
  • We focus on applicable skills, instead of just grades
  • Fastest licensure
  • Smaller classes
  • Exposure to the profession
  • Practice hours
  • Documentation to work and study as an international student
  • Cost of tuition compared to other private schools
  • Diverse population
  • Atmosphere of a small school
  • Focus on sustainability
  • You get what you put in (high return on individual effort)
  • Up-to-date software
  • Gives many a second chance to do better
  • Networking
  • Open enrollment
  • Concurrent work study program 
  • Pay-as-you-go plan
  • Design-centered program
  • Connections to the BSA, design firms, and profession
  • Flexible programs that are adaptable to many lifestyles
  • The BAC Community: students, faculty, staff, and leadership
  • History of the institution
  • High quality of available resources (e.g., Library and technology)
  • Our focus is strongly on the discipline, not diverted
Key Items for Improvement

  • 24-hour building access
  • Greater social life
  • Campus housing
  • Campus bar
  • Dedicated studio space
  • On-campus storage space
  • New building(s)
  • More computer labs
  • Increased building access hours
  • More scholarship opportunities
  • Increased and public demonstrations of student work
  • Profile student work more
  • Greater emphasis on the BAC’s technology and digital fabrication capabilities
  • Fundraising
  • Shorter program length
  • Empower students to communicate, have a voice (forums, etc)
  • Allow/Increase fundraising for student groups
  • Involve students in fundraising
  • Start integrating students that don’t have prior experience into practice sooner
  • More exchange programs (national and study abroad)
  • Design build added to curriculum
  • Studio culture – emphasize and promote physical/emotional health and wellness

15-Year Vision for the BAC

  • Satellite campuses (national and international)
  • International professional networking opportunities 
  • Scholarly Environment/Academic debates about relevant issues in the architecture and design fields
  • Shorten program length, while maintaining our quality of education and professional reputation
  • Increased scholarships
  • Student competitions between the BAC and other schools 
  • Maintain balance of practice and hire-ability
  • Amplify the BAC’s name and brand recognition (nationally and internationally)
  • Camus buildings that utilize innovative, sustainable design
  • Double majors
  • More research collaborations and opportunities for faculty and students
  • Expanded location
  • On-campus Housing
  • Easier transition from Undergraduate to Graduate studies
  • More online classes
  • Easier transition to online programming for traditional students (not just working professionals)
  • Apparel, gear, merchandise, and branding
  • Laptop program and VPN access

Student Brainstorming Survey
The student survey can be found at the link below.


The survey is broken up into 4 main themes, and allows for two answers per theme:

  • Key Issues for the Future
  • BAC's Unique or Special Niche
  • Key Items for Improvement
  • 15-Year Vision for the BAC

The deadline for submissions will be Wednesday Dec. 30th @ 12pm.  All submissions will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Blick Art Materials!