Scholarship :: AIA / AIA Foundation Diversity Advancement Scholarship

Scholarship: The AIA / AIA Foundation Diversity Advancement Scholarship 
Apply by: 2.10.16

The AIA / AIA Foundation Diversity scholarship, originally called the AIA/Ford Foundation Scholarship, was founded in 1969 when the AIA and Ford Foundation each pledged $500,000 to support three different groups of student's education in the field of architecture. During that time, the scholarship committee found that most schools of architecture were unequipped to train and develop architects and planners to work effectively in the inner city. Its objective was to identify black or minority candidates and involve them in a program that would allow for development in terms of inner city problems. The program sought to give scholarships, not only to those youths in financial need, but to those who otherwise would not have other means to obtain a professional education

The first awards were awarded from 1970-1972 to three groups (all totaling 95 students) at 47 different schools of architecture across the county. The AIA, recognizing the need to continue the program for additional minority students, looked to its own membership and to other foundations and industry to continue to fund the scholarship to this day.

Since the Diversity Advancement Scholarship was launched in 1970, it has been awarded to over 2,300 students. In 2013, the AIA Board of Directors committed $1 million dollars, to support this important effort, and today we're working to increase further scholarship availability. The AIA and the AIA Foundation are excited to launch a new application process for 2016, and are asking for applications to be submitted no later than February 10, 2016.

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