Email Scam Alert :: AECOM

Email Scam Alert

Over the past few weeks we have been notified of emails coming from fraudulent parties masquerading as legitimate employers, namely AECOM Technology Corporation (read about the AECOM Recruitment Fraud).

Please note that the Practice Department does not forward resumes or portfolios, or distribute personal information of any kind to third parties.  If you receive any email stating that your resume has been forwarded from the “school’s career center,” delete it immediately.  Moreover, these emails may come from unofficial accounts, i.e. Yahoo or Gmail addresses, and may request confidential information such as your personal address and phone number, bank account numbers, or social security/passport documentation.  

If you have released confidential information, alert the Practice Department and contact your bank or credit card company immediately.  DO NOT deposit any checks or funds received from a third party claiming to be an employer.  If you have received a check from a fraudulent party, bring it to the Practice Department immediately.  

AECOM has released the following statement regarding the fraudulent emails.