Leveraging Lost Linkages :: SWA Summer Internship Program

Leveraging Lost Linkages :: SWA Summer Internship Program
Application due: 2.19.16

The SWA Summer Student Program is an excellent opportunity for university students to learn, grow, have real-life design experiences.

Internships, part-time work, study abroad, and company summer programs are great ways to refine your professional direction. Take as many opportunities as you can to explore the arenas available to you through landscape architecture. We believe that our program may be one of the most important and enjoyable experiences you have in your early professional development. We encourage full-time students (returning Fall 2016) of landscape architecture, planning, and urban design to apply.

Leveraging Lost Linkages

The hyper-development of Dallas has resulted in a fractured landscape characterized by disconnections in its social, economic, and ecological systems. As designers of urban environments, we recognize the power in uncovering linkages between these systems as a means to catalyze equitable, healthy, and vibrant change.

For more information on dates and eligibility, visit the internship website.