Robert Bruce Thompson Annual Light Fixture Design Competition

Robert Bruce Thompson Annual Light Fixture Design Competition
Deadline: 4.1.16
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Bruce Thompson was a twenty-five year veteran of the lighting industry. He had a broad background in the profession having worked in theatre, retail, as a factory representative, and concluding his career in manufacturing as vice president of sales and marketing. Throughout his career Bruce emphasized design and innovation. He was also an accomplished light fixture designer. He established this independent competition to encourage creativity and education in light fixture design  and manufacturing.

The competition is administered by The Robert Bruce Thompson Trust, which was formed solely for the purpose of conducting the competition.


Design a decorative vanity light fixture for the restrooms of a high-end sushi restaurant. Both the restaurant and restrooms exhibit a Japanese aesthetic and elegance.  It is important that faces look beautiful, so color quality, glare, and modeling of light on the face are critical.  Provide details on how and where the luminaire is mounted relative to the mirrors, counters, and sinks.  This restaurant is located in California and energy use is an important consideration, so your fixture should use energy-efficient light sources.  Incorporate controls into your design scheme.  Do not use self-ballasted lamps and other retrofit lamps that fit into incandescent screw base sockets.  Identify all major components and materials of the fixture.  Document the fixture as instructed under the Competition Rules.


Prizes will be awarded annually:
• First Prize: The Thompson Prize is a cash award of $5,000, plus a trophy.
• Second Prize: The Award of Distinction is a cash award of $2,500, plus a plaque.
• Third Prize: The Award of Merit is a cash award of $1,000, plus a plaque.
• Special Citations: A Special Citation is a cash award of $500, plus a plaque.


• Entrants must be full time students, enrolled in an accredited academic degree program in the
  United States. Approved programs include architectural engineering programs, architecture
  programs, interior design programs, theatre, or industrial design programs. Because of the high level
  of competition, it is recommended that entrants be undergraduate seniors or graduate students.
• Only individuals may apply. Group projects are not acceptable.
• The fixture must be designed within the past year and while the entrant is a student.
• A faculty member at the student's school must sponsor the application.

For more RBT competition details, visit the competition website.