'Let's Spoon!'

'Let's Spoon!' 
By: David Morgan, B.Arch 

The process of making is a unique and therapeutic component in the discovery of design. The conversation from mind to hand gives a distinctive style in which we sculpt our ideas into a built form. With dusty hands moving across cut up material on a lawless work surface, it’s easy to become submerged in the environment that we create to practice our craft. We hold our own reasons for making in the roots of our own exploration, but we all recognize the similar satisfying reward of a hand-made project. Whether our methods move through sheets of paper, algorithmic modeling, or hand chiseled stone work they all hold an important element to us as designers, thinkers, and creators.

The Let’s Spoon! campaign is deeply based in these concepts. This campaign is a series of events that aim to increase student engagement with making at the BAC. The workshops challenge students to engage in a full-day design charrette in which they are tasked to create a simple object, in this case the spoon. Each participant is handed a block of wood, with a funky pre-cut bowl, and asked to use their design knowledge, intuition, and creativity to make a common yet unique object. The workshop has students translating their ideas into sketches and/or digital modeling and pushed into a final form of a sculpted spoon.

“The prospect of designing, iterating, and making an object in a single day’s workshop was enticing,” explained Daniel Clarke, Bachelor of Science in Architecture candidate at the BAC and participant in Let’s Spoon! workshop I.  “The bases were covered; a great introduction to the multi-cultural and artistic history of the spoon was quickly followed up by a well scheduled push through the multiple stages of design and fabrication. The energy was high throughout the entire day. I believe the most valuable aspect of this workshop lies in the depth and scope of engagement with its participants; where a complimentary blend of digital and analog tools was employed together for both the designing and the making.”

The progression of this campaign is greatly due to the involvement of each student. These workshops are constructed with a system to advertise making at the BAC while creating an environment for peers to connect.

The future of the campaign aims to continue creating intensive workshops that explore design/fabrication opportunities in everyday objects. By highlighting these objects students will  develop their proficiency in design while continuing to gain experience in making with the resources at the College. “Design is derived from conflict, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional,” described by Christian Borger, a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the BAC and one of the creators of the Let’s Spoon! workshop and campaign. “These problems are how we are driven forward to find ideas, to iterate, and to conceive.  However, a design is never complete as just an idea, craft is needed to execute the idea in a means that will create a successful and tangible solution. The peace of mind required to properly and successfully follow through with the craft of an idea is just as important as the conflict needed to find the idea itself.”

Check the spoons of workshops I and II.