'Let's Spoon' Workshop :: RSVP Now Open!

'Let's Spoon' Workshop :: RSVP Now Open!

Saturday, February 13th
9:00am - 6:00pm
320 Newbury Lab Rm 401, CNC Lab and Woodshop

SC Representatives: Kyle Sturgeon, Dan Weissman
FabLab Staff: David Morgan, Christian Borger, Sean Riley

The Boston Architectural College Fab Lab crew continues its ongoing 'Let’s Spoon!' campaign - teaming up with Section Cut for another edition of this popular one-day intensive workshop. In this session, students will be introduced to a concept-to-production workflow and new making tools that led to the crafting of beautiful, functional, hand held objects. Let’s spoon!

To kick off the day, each student will be assigned a ‘character’ to translate into a design iteration. Utilizing a CNC router, the newly renovated BAC Shop, and our 3D scanner, students will be given safety training for both digital fabrication and hand-crafting processes. Students will sketch and iterate their designs and translate digitally to a CNC cut file, then refine the tool with shop equipment and hand sanding.

The goal of this workshop is to arm students with the knowledge and confidence to continue their academic careers as makers, and make a beautiful object! Successful completion of this project will satisfy Architectural Sketch Problem 3 (if enrolled in SKA-3 this semester)! RSVP, ASAP, as we are limited to 16 participants!

Check out the trailer and Section Cut site for more information!

RSVP here.