New Installation :: MANTA - Motion Activated Neopixel Tracking Apparatus

MANTA: Motion Activated Neopixel Tracking Apparatus
By: Steve Hebsch, B. Arch

The design criteria for this project involved creating an installation that could be within the main entrance of 320 Newbury and interact with students and guests of the BAC. There were numerous iterations that involved direct, physical interaction, as well as indirect interaction. Ultimately our team settled on interaction that involved sensors and motion. Our early iteration models evoked a sense of movement, expansion and compression, as well as lighting quality.

After further refinement, as well as the integration of Rhino and Grasshopper software, we settled on the form that currently hangs within the main entrance. This form was derived through utilizing ‘attractors’ in Grasshopper and Rhino to create the surface that is represented with the white fabric, as well as the hole configuration, where the light shines through. The holes can be seen if you stand under MANTA and carefully watch the lighting change as occupants move through the space. Our hope is that this installation can demonstrate the possibilities and potential that lies not only through iterative design work, but also utilizing various technologies. Rather than one process slowing down another, there can be a synergy that creates new opportunities.


Design Team:
John Polluici, Leif Hamnquist, Steve Hebsch, Nicholas Ambrogio, Ting-Yen Chen, and Fen Chen 

Fabrication & Installation Team:
John Poillucci, Leif Hamnquist, and Steve Hebsch

Cagri Zaman & Nil Tuzcu

CD 105 - Reactive Making Workshop - Fall 2015

A Very Special Thanks to:
Karen Nelson - Dean, School of Architecture
Art Byers - Vice President of Facilities
Office of Student Life
The BAC Faculty & Longwood Security for their guidance and collaboration