Saving the Trees! :: 2015 Recycling Report

The 2015 recycling report is in!

The BAC has a single-stream recycling system on campus. In addition to the traditional blue and gray/black bins, there are student-built waste management stations (see here) and depositories for rechargeable batteries and old cell phones around the BAC. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our sustainability efforts as an institution.

Your recycling efforts this year have helped:

  • SAVE 309 trees from being cut down (these are not little trees)
  • SAVE 72,720 kilowatt hours of electricity
  • SAVE 127,260 gallons of fresh water
  • AVOID the use of 7,090 gallons of oil
  • ELIMINATE 1,091 pounds of polluting effluents from entering the atmosphere
  • ELIMINATE 60 cubic yards of material from going to the landfill

Keep it up BAC!