Kate Kennen Lecture at the BAC:: (4.14)

Kate Kennen Lecture at the BAC
Thursday 4.14.16
Cascieri Hall

Next week (4.14): Don't miss renowned author and landscape architect Kate Kennen at the BAC!

Kate Kennen, RLA owner of Offshoots, Inc and author of 'PHYTO: Principles and resources for site remediation and landscape design' will be presenting:

Phytotechnologies: Using Plants to Clean Up Polluted Water, Soil & Air

Environmental pollutants are often encountered in the water, soil and air of our everyday landscapes. Can plants help remediate the site’s contaminants? Cost-effective phytoremediation (phytotechnology) plantings can be effective in mitigating on-site pollutants, but these interactions are complicated. When do they work and when don’t they? What plant species can be used? There is a lot of confusion around what phytotechnology can and cannot accomplish. This presentation will consider how we can create ‘phyto’ landscapes that enhance environmental conditions. A review of plant species and example projects will be provided. Case studies will include both residential landscapes, roadside landscapes, community gardens and larger brownfield sites.

Source: PHYTO: Principles of Site Remediation and Landscape Design by Kate Kennen and Nial Kirkwood

Public and residential landscapes in the US are typically driven by aesthetics, often consuming excessive amounts fossil fuels, water and natural resources. We believe there is a different way. We create urbanism and landscapes that are sustainable, organic, and contribute to natural ecologies. Instead of using aesthetics and art as a starting point for landscape/or urban design, we instead consider what the landscape can DO, ie: what functions can landscape design best provide in any given context. This is used as the generative force for conceptual design and planning.

Kate Kennen is the founder and president of Offshoots, Inc., a Boston landscape architecture practice focused on productive planting techniques and phytotechnology consulting. Ms. Kennen’s book PHYTO: Principles of Site Remediation and Landscape Design was published in 2015. Ms. Kennen completed her undergraduate studies in Landscape Architecture at Cornell University, and received her master’s degree with distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She currently teaches a research seminar in phytoremediation and plant-based technologies at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

*This lecture is sponsored by SASLA*