Atelier Elections :: Meet the Candidates

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*Elections close at 7:00pm on Thursday, May 12th*

Nominees for President:

Rand Lemley
B. Arch
Ninth Semester

In his three years of serving with Atelier, Rand Lemley has co-chaired the Student Lecture Series, helped to install the back alley bike racks and loft bar, and started the new student discussion series, Design + Dialogue. Speaking at the investiture of Glen LeRoy, he spoke passionately about keeping the BAC community vibrant and connected, recognizing the effort of a BAC student to maintain a healthy balance of work, school, and life. Toward that goal, Rand intends to spend the month of September performing research while travelling the US. Looking forward to the coming year, Rand will continue working with the BAC President and Board of Trustees on the school’s strategic plan, advocating for student concerns as they determine the future of the institution. Under Rand’s leadership, Atelier will truly be a conduit between student concerns and the administration. His investment in the school, its students, and the broader community of design is clear.

Hannah Miller
M. Arch
Segment II

This past year, I served on Atelier as Student representative. In that that, I have raised awareness that the BAC serves a diverse population, with diverse needs - undergraduate, graduate, full-time, part time, distance, and, of course, serves multiple disciplines of study within the architectural framework. I have been speaking with the school administration about student needs in regard to class times, I started a nutrition initiative that includes BAC-only discounts to Turnstyle Spin and Pure Barre Boston, and I planned and organized this year’s Parti.

Moving forward, I will:
- Keep the ball rolling on the 24/hour access movement,
- Continue to advocate for class schedules that serve students’ needs of both
attending school, and graduating in a timely manner,
- Continue to work for more BAC discounts to gyms,
- And work to get healthier food options in both of our Newbury and Boylston locations.

Nominees for Vice President:

Arick Dyrdal
B. Arch
Sixth Semester

I would like this to be my formal submission for the position of Vice President for Atelier. It has been a great year serving on Atelier and would like to continue my endeavor to transform our student government from its current state to a more influential entity that helps push the voice of the students to the administration and faculty. I would like to accomplish this with the best interest of our students in mind, coupled with the needs of the school to remain in harmonious operation in an attempt to make a positive and lasting change beyond my tenure. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to the elections and possibly another year on Atelier.

Eric Ramsay
B. Arch

I want to be in this position because I like knowing I can make a difference in my school and be apart of it. I sincerely love being at this school and want to do my part to make it a better place of learning and growth for other students like it continues to be for me.

Nominees for Secretary:
Philip Reville III
M. Arch
Segment II

My name is Phil Reville and I am a Segment II M. Arch student here at the BAC running for the position of Secretary with Atelier, the student government. In my time here, I have made many friends and met students of all different backgrounds and circumstances, something that truly makes the BAC so special. I have had the privilege of working and collaborating with many students, both in and outside of the classroom. I have also had the opportunity to be apart of the Student Lecture Series, where it is students who have the say in the professional voices they would like to have heard. The BAC I would like to continue to see grow is one where students and student needs exist at the very core of the institution. As Secretary, I would like to harness my concern for the greater student body to continue to push this school to be even better. With my attention to detail, responsiveness, and great organizational skills, I am confident that I will make a great Secretary. In the past two years I have truly grown to think of the BAC as a second home. As a member of Atelier, I would like to continue to make the BAC a better place, and one where all students can feel at home just as I do.

Nominees for Student Representative:

Meredith Juliana
Fifth Semester

As a landscape architecture student at the BAC, I believe that there should be a voice representing our department within student government. I’d like to see a more cohesive relationship between the student body, student groups and the administration. Additionally, I’d like to see students from all departments participate in one another’s events and support one another. It’s my hope that serving as a student rep for the landscape department will lead to a healthy and supportive relationship for all departments.

Stephen Cadigan
M. Arch
Segment II

My name is Stephen, I am a second segment M.Arch student and I am interested in being a student representative. I believe that as a school with students of such diverse backgrounds and design interests, we have the opportunity to create a truly unique social culture. I am interested in being a student representative because I want to strengthen the community that we have at The BAC, and because I believe that the students’ voice is paramount to enacting positive change at the school.

Juliet Packard
M. Arch
Segment II

During the past two years at the BAC, I have grown to understand its overarching goal, and realize its pitfalls. It is my hope that as a Student Representative I can work with Atelier to mitigate some of these pitfalls. I look forward to helping Atelier having more cohesive relationships with the other student groups and administration. I am a great candidate for this role because I work well with others, am driven, organized, and an all together a people-person.

Ana Morales
Segment II

After serving as president of Atelier for the past year, and working on initiatives like extended building hours for students as well as bringing to light more student work, I would like to continue my involvement with Atelier as a student representative. Working with the strategic planning committees as well as having direct involvement with OSL and president Glen LeRoy has really helped me see how the BAC works through the faculty side and what can be accomplished. As a student representative I will continue to push forward many initiatives I have already started as well as continue to look at students needs and serve them as needed.

Nicole Pearson
M. Arch
Segment II

Hi, my name is Nicole Pearson, and I am in my second semester of M.Arch. I have enjoyed my time here at the BAC, last semester my tectonics studio model was placed in the gallery, I was part of Summer Academy, and I was nominated for a Portfolio Award. I feel that all of the extra curricular I was a part of was a great experience and I would love to continue promoting their benefits for the school. Additionally, I feel that students speaking about what they want from their education is integral to the success of the BAC.

Juan De Loera
M. Arch

I am interested in representing my fellow peers in Atelier by running for the Student Representative position. By doing this I want to push forward the students wants and needs, creating an engaged community. I want to continue representing the BAC being a liaison between the students and our school administration. Vote for the only Juan student representative, Cheers!