Winner of the Edmund C. Toomey Award :: Jeff Morris, Student Life

Edmund C. Toomey Award Winner :: Jeff Morris, Student Life

From Atelier, YOUR Student Government:

Student Advocacy is not a definition that one can look up in a dictionary, I just checked Merriam Webster. Luckily for the BAC, we don’t need a definition out of a book, we have our own definition sitting in the office of student life: Jeff Morris, 2016 winner of the Ed Toomey Award.

This award was created in honor of Ed Toomey’s commitment to the students of the BAC, the Atelier Board nominates a member of the BAC faculty, staff or administration who best exemplifies his or her priorities and willingness to put students above all else.  Jeff has put the student’s needs above all else over the past year and a half he has been working at the BAC.  He recreated the office of student life to make it more friendly for students to gather in, he has been a helpful shoulder for anyone who has ever needed help, he is always willing to hear anyone’s problems and assist in any way, and above all else, he is a ball of energy that never stops and will always support the BAC community.

It was quite fitting that during the awards ceremony Jeff was sitting behind Ed Toomey himself. When his name was called, he was so happy and proud that his smile gleamed from ear to ear. Atelier is honored to have the opportunity to be working alongside Jeff for many more years to come!

Congratulations also go out to the other award nominees - Lee Peters, School of Architecture; Kyle Sturgeon, Faculty Leadership; and Robert Adams, Library.