BAC SASLA Nominations :: Get Involved!

Past and Present SASLA Leaders
Top Left: Jacob Ferreira (Treasurer), Tom Klein (Vice President), Neil DeMarco (Secretary), Botton Left: Jess Alpert (President), Olivia Fragale (Past President '15). 
Not pictured: Lance Guerrero (Communications)

BAC SASLA Nominations

The BAC's SASLA (Student American Society of Landscape Architects) Chapter represents the landscape architecture students at the BAC, to the local community, and nationally through the American Society of Landscape Architects. SASLA is about building community, extending opportunities to learn about the field of landscape architecture and related skills, and establishing a forum to promote and integrate the ideas and applications of landscape architecture at the BAC.

SASLA’s election process now is underway.

Open positions (read below for descriptions):
President (1)
Vice President (1)
Secretary (1)
Communications (1)

The SASLA President holds the position to facilitate the interaction between the national ASLA, the BSLA Chapter and the BAC School of Landscape Architecture Students. S/he will also be responsible for following up with tasks decided by the SASLA team.

Vice President:
As SASLA Vice President, s/he will work closely with the President to share and organize responsibilities within the team, events and communication. S/he will take leadership when needed in planning and organizing events.

SASLA Secretary is responsible for recording meeting minutes and documentation within the internal SASLA team. S/he may also take on more responsibility in organizing events.

The SASLA Communications role will be responsible for updating the students via e-mail and social media. This role works closely with the team to create exciting flyers/ posters to advertise SASLA events and opportunities.

Schedule of events:

  • Call for nominations: until Monday June 13, 2016 @ 9am -Online Voting: Tuesday June 21- Thursday June 23, 2016 @11pm.
  • Announcement of new officers: Tuesday June 28, 2016.
  • Leadership term: July 1st 2016-June 30th 2017.
The nomination period for elected positions in BAC SASLA is officially open. If you are a motivated BAC student and want to get involved, now is that chance! You can only nominate yourself. All nominations must be emailed to by Monday June 13, 2016 @ 9am.

1. Your name, BAC e-mail, Degree title (MLA/BLA etc), Semester at the BAC.
2. Professional photo of yourself
3. An official campaign statement from each candidate that lays out a campaign platform, more specifics about why the candidate should be elected, etc. will be collected.

Voting will take place online and is anonymous. Each active BAC student will be able to vote once and will be required to provide a valid student ID number and a matching last name to verify voting eligibility.

All students interested in participating in a leadership role must meet these requirements:
-S/he is currently enrolled as a full-time student, with two prior semesters of full-time enrollment.
-S/he maintains a 3.0 minimum cumulative G.P.A.
-S/he maintains Practice Compliance: all modes of practice assessment such as skill level are up to date.
-S/he is not delayed in the portfolio review sequence and schedule: meaning a student’s path to graduation is not being delayed by the submission or re-submission of a portfolio.

*NOTE: students who do not meet all of these requirements may participate as a leader with the permission of the Dean of Students, in consultation with Academic and Practice Advising.

We hope you consider a nomination!