BAC Alum Helps Reinvigorate Library

From SMMA "Schefano Helps BAC Reinvigorate Library"

One of the benefits of being headquartered in Cambridge is proximity to the Greater Boston Area's many institutions of higher learning. Beyond the obvious opportunities for recruitment, this closeness affords our staff the chance to share their time and expertise with up-and-coming designers preparing to embark on careers in the AEC industry. The relationship that SMMA has developed with Boston Architectural College over the years embodies this symbiosis, and was strengthened this summer by the efforts of Aimee Schefano.

An interior designer primarily engaged in SMMA's Corporate and Commercial projects, Aimee received her Master of Interior Design degree from the BAC in 2012, and has since spent five semesters at the College as an instructor, mentor, and reviewer. Her strong ties to the school were evidenced when, in June, it solicited her design services in replacing the dated carpet at its Newbury Street library. Aimee volunteered her time to the endeavor, personifying SMMA’s spirit of social responsibility and commitment to paying it forward.

"I'm very thankful that the school looked to me for assistance on this project, which will have a direct and lasting impact on the student experience. It reinforces the College's commitment to fostering growth—not only for its current enrollment, but for its alumni as well."

Working with College faculty and library staff, Aimee selected a variety of options at different price points, ordering samples directly to the space to facilitate informed decision-making. The preferred option involved the use of accent pieces to highlight existing infrastructure, and neutral tones to create a grounded field. The result was a more active tone and feel for the formerly static space.

"Aimee listened closely to our aesthetic and budgetary needs, and designed a sustainable, durable, attractive floor that will serve us for years to come. We are very grateful that she responded so positively to our request for her services." —​ Crandon Gustafson, Dean of the School of Interior Architecture

Boston Architectural College library before and after new carpet installation

The entire project—including patterning exercises, finish selection, and installation—was completed in time for the start of the fall term. More importantly, though, it succeeded in achieving a significant result by way of a relatively minor intervention: By updating the carpet, the whole interior essentially received a ground-level facelift. The library is now more commensurate with the BAC’s reputation as an incubator for design talent—a modernized space that will support the College well into the future.