Distance Student Corner :: (9.7.16)

Distance Student Corner :: 9.7.16

Where are our Distance Students From?

One of the best things about the Distance Programs at the BAC is that we are so culturally diverse. Making courses readily available online means students can interact with their peers virtually and network with other students who attend the Intensives from all over the world. This August, we had students from nineteen states, one US territory, six countries, and three continents. The BAC is branching out now more than ever!

Our Distance Students come from:

19 states (FL, CT, WA, NY, MS, KS, MN, VT, OR, AZ, GA, CA, ME, AL, TX, IL, NJ, OH, NC)
1 US territory (Puerto Rico)
6 countries (Ecuador, Columbia, Canada, Turkey, Peru, USA)
3 continents (Asia, South America, North America)