Welcome Back from the SGA President

WELCOME BACK...to the 4th week.

How is it already Friday of the 2nd week of school? Anybody else feeling like summer should have stayed a few weeks longer? I hope someone sneaked in a last minute trip to the ocean last weekend?! None the less, school is upon us and we have only 4 months until winter break – we will definitely make it.

What I loved in college was a community board – it was exciting to see every semester: what events were coming up, if there were any promotions, if there was a student who had done something amazing for the community.  I felt that we really needed a wall to showcase ‘Life at the BAC’.  Over the summer Student Government Association worked with Office of Student Life to “obtain” the back wall in the loft to become just this! (As many of you know, it is quite hard to get space allocated to one organization or group for more than a few weeks; therefore, obtaining this wall feels like a win... a huge one.)

This back wall will now have a monthly calendar of different events that are happening at the BAC, gym promotions, events that are going on, and a community wall where anyone can put their job postings, furniture they are selling, extra vellum for free … ect.   Having this new space is aligned with my hope that the school will become more community based.  Yes, we all have our groups of friends that we love to hang out with, and we have created our own sense of “studio culture” amongst those friends or current studio mates.  But I believe, and hope, that now because there is a board, BACers will know what is happening and more students might intermix and go to different events.
So … with that rant … Go out and do different activities for the sheer fact that there are other activates to do and other people to meet!

Hannah Miller (SGA President)

Please email me if you have any questions, comments, concerns regarding literally anything at the BAC!