Asparagus on the Third Floor

Wondering what that pink-lit asparagus display on the third floor was all about?

As part of the LAAB accreditation, Maria Bellalta and the Landscape Architecture department decided that they wanted to clean up the empty cabinets on the third floor. They wanted something that put a twist on the way folks traditionally think about landscapes.

Why asparagus? 

The team decided to use asparagus because they are "strange" and grow straight up, not like a typical plant or flower, and have a more primitive look to them. They are so architectural, so stout and structured, that a field of them in a grid, seemed like an appropriate approach.

Display case section construction

Daniela Coray, MLA and Research Assistant for the School of  LA, very creatively worked up CAD details, laser cut plywood with enough circles to hold a field of asparagus!  She then plugged each stem with a water tube to feed the asparagus, and as a final touch, placed a layer of earth to create an illusion that mimics a real crop. The pink background makes the asparagus pop!

To have a little more fun, we held a LAAB Accreditation Contest and solicited bids for the total number of asparagus housed in the pink cabinets. Bids ranged from ‘0’ to ‘47’,  to over 300. Becky Chabot-Wieferich won the contest with a bid of 339.

We had fun, and hope other at the BAC enjoyed it too!