Mt. Auburn Cemetery Tour :: SASLA Recap

Mt. Auburn Cemetery Tour :: SASLA Recap
Erin Fitch

What better way to spend a Sunday evening than reveling in New England’s autumn beauty within the expanse of a world renowned landscape?

On the evening of November 6th, fellow Boston Architectural College students took on an adventurous tour of Mt. Auburn Cemetery, located in Cambridge, MA, led by James Gorman, teacher of plant taxonomy at the college. Sharing his wealth of knowledge of Mt. Auburn, students and fellow peers were eager to follow along.

                                          Gorman discussing the colorful foliage of the site

Built in 1831 Mt. Auburn Cemetery, which functions as both a cemetery and a public park, follows the style of an English picturesque landscape, as it is not predictable. There is a varying topography as well as many elliptical curves amongst the 175 acres of the site. A master plan was used to create different zones to explore, such as a rural cemetery zone that focuses on native plant species versus a park land cemetery that is designed around the idea of a canopy of trees above a lawn.

                                            Gorman discusses the ideas behind the various
                                                   zones while in a rural cemetery zone.

With the varying topography, Mt. Auburn Cemetery provides many stunning views of both the natural landscape and the Boston cityscape in the distance.

The tower located within the higher elevation of the site, built in dedication to George Washington, provides views of the vibrant sunset.

The darkness doesn’t stop the adventure, as the group embraced the experience of a flashlight-lit tour.

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