Reminder: Academic Integrity Policy

The BAC’s Academic Integrity Policy is the expectation that work completed for your courses or practice hours is done so with honesty and integrity. Failure to follow this policy calls into question the student and the college itself.

Violation of this policy can lead to disciplinary actions ranging from failure of an assignment to dismissal from the BAC depending upon the severity of the violation.

How do you ensure the academic integrity of your work?

Use sources, images and precedents in your work – this supports your own design or argument!

Be sure to appropriately cite others’ work. This includes research material, both quotes and paraphrases. Also make it clear when you are collaborating with a fellow student or when utilizing work completed with colleagues at your job.

Have someone else, either a fellow student or through purchase online, write a paper or produce work for you.

Bring materials (i.e., notes or a phone) into a test situation unless the instructor specifically says they are permitted.

What can you do for help?

If you are struggling to complete an assignment, always ask for an extension or hand the work in late rather than purchasing or using someone else’s work and submitting it as if it were your own – the consequences of violating the Academic Integrity policy are far more severe than any late assignment submissions penalties.

The LRC is a valuable resource for general assistance on any assignment, but also can help you gain a greater understanding of how to ensure academic integrity in your work.

The BAC actively blocks sites where papers and other can be purchased .