Postcard Party :: (3.1)

From Rand Lemley, B. Arch

The one constant that I’ve seen at this school is an infectious ethos of inclusive community. Perhaps it stems from the concept of open admissions and our Gateway projects’ orientation toward the people of Greater Boston, but simply put: we are doing some radical work. We are a community capable of radical work in our school, our Boston, our Massachusetts, our United States, and our world.

In a world increasingly filled with hate and intolerance, let your voice of peace and inclusivity be heard. Join us as we write messages to our senators, representatives, and anyone else who needs to hear our words. We need to make clear that we, the people, will not be divided, that treatment of minorities is also priority, that business interests do not belong in politics. Postcards, stationery, a list of addresses for your representatives, and stamps will be provided.

Let your voice be heard! Write your elected reps in the loft from 5:30-8:00 on Wednesday, March 1.

We got this - together!