reITERATE Workshop- Model Mashup :: (2.11)

reITERATE Workshop :: Model Mashup
320 Newbury, Rm. 504 & 507
12:00 - 6:00pm

RSVP Here- space is limited!

AIAS and the BAC Makers invite attendees to participate in a half day design charrette. Bring an old studio model from a previous semester and part ways with it. Your old studio model will become the inspiration and platform for others to design and build upon. you will be collaborating with a team--analyzing, evaluating, redefining, and executing bold design moves. The charrette will conclude with presentations and peer critiques.

Some important details: 

  • Admission: 1 old studio model!
  • Photo session to document your model before and after
  • Some modeling supplies provided