Special B/A/D Talk for Boston Design Week :: (4.4)

B/A/D Talk: "New Homes in Older Settings: How Should They Work?"
North Bennet St. School, Boston
Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The cities and towns of New England are blessed with several centuries’ worth of beautiful older architecture. Yet new dwellings for new residents are always needed, and the arts of architecture and building continue to develop. This special public B/A/D Talk will consider what our options can be for honoring the best of our region’s heritage while promoting the finest in new design.

B/A/D TALKS: A community effort that encourages engagement and conversation among builders, architects, and designers. Each event will include a compelling and compact talk with Kyle Hoepner as moderator along with panelists who are leaders both in our industry and beyond.

Talk accompanied by delicious appetizers and beverages.

RSVP: Linda@badtalks.com

For more information, please visit the B/A/D Talks website.