Showcase Your Work in the 2017 Graduation Exhibit in Practice!

There is a space reserved for the Class of 2017 in the Practice component of this year's graduation exhibition in the McCormick Gallery. Students are invited to submit a digital file, formatted according to the criteria listed below. Then the Practice Department will include it in the upcoming graduation exhibition.

The work you submit may also be used on the BAC website, and if you would like to opt out of the public web aspect of this exhibit, please email

  • Submit a PDF file format at 15” High X 19" Wide.
  • Submit a WORD file text template with your name, degree program, employer/practice setting associated with your image submissions, and quote
  • Print-Quality Files in which embedded raster information is at least 150dpi
  • File name that includes your full name (last name_first name)
  • We will label your work with your full name, degree program, and employer name/practice setting, location, and quote, so please do not include this information in your composition.
  • Appropriate practice-based subject matter that represents your work in practice while a student the BAC (Please do not include personal photographs and greetings in the content of your poster. The Practice Department reserves the right to reject any board with content that is deemed inappropriate).
DEADLINE: To give us enough time to produce all of these slides, we would like to have your files by Monday, May 8th.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.