Student Government Elections 2017/2018 :: Meet the Candidates

Student Government Elections :: VOTE HERE
*Elections close at 5:00pm on MONDAY, APRIL 24TH.*

Nominees for President:

Daniel Clarke
Bachelor of Science in Architecture

My name is Daniel Clarke and I am a 3rd year student at the BAC.  I am a Bachelor of Science in Architecture candidate with the intention of continuing directly into the Master of Architecture program.  During these past six semesters, I have made many friends at the BAC and I am inspired by the openness, energy and diversity of our student body.

When I started as a new student, I was encouraged to see several ongoing student lead initiatives, discussions and projects happening at the BAC.

Taking these student enterprises to heart, I believe that as part of our design education and professional development, that we, as students, can find opportunities where we take an active and self-determined role in our education and futures.

To this end, I have served consecutively as both Vice President and President of our schools AIAS chapter, during which, I designed a short Grasshopper workshop series called Script and helped establish a new network between the affiliate AIAS chapters in Boston.  Through this effort, AIAS Boston now exists with an open channel of communication between the executive boards of AIAS BAC, AIAS Northeastern, AIAS Mass Art and AIAS Wentworth, providing new opportunities to share and co-host events.

I am also a member of BAC Makers, where I have collaborated with the Maker Team to promote and exhibit BAC student work through a series of installations and workshops.

I believe that what we share and learn from each other as students is equally as valuable as our classroom and studio education.  I feel that it is important that we continue the momentum of student lead initiatives, find opportunities to lead and drive our own course and provide an example and mentorship for incoming students.

As President of the SGA, I will continue to find opportunities for students to take charge, promote, share and lead the work that we are each doing at the BAC.  I will also strive to sustain the initiatives that are already in place and advocate the concerns of our student body to our Board of Directors.

Nominees for Vice President:

Fady Riad
B. Arch

I, Fady Riad, have the experience and passion needed to run for the Vice-President position of the BAC Student Government Association. I have attended the BAC for the past 5 years. Over these years, I have grasped a good understanding of the school's values, direction, and adaptability. I have been through multiple curriculum changes, minor and major, at our College, providing me with an important perspective into the student experience. That allows me to help students at transitional states of their curriculum, as well as aid the new students in their quest to settle in at the BAC for their programs' lengths. The role of SGA VP will give me the opportunity to share my vision, creating the best environment for all students to engage and be comfortable in. I acknowledge the challenges presented in this important role and I know that I'm capable of making a positive contribution to the BAC students body through determination, decisiveness, and hard work. I'm enthused by this opportunity and look forward to working collaboratively as part of SGA.

Nominees for Treasurer:

James Andaralo
M. Arch

To the BAC,

I would like to be on the ballot for the upcoming Student Government Association elections;
pursuing the position of Treasurer.

Last Fall I began my graduate degree at the BAC, perusing my degree in Architecture. I wanted to
get more involved with the school and its culture, so I turned to Karen and Richard for advice. I learned that that BAC has many clubs pertaining to the student body. Although all the club choices at the BAC are brilliant in itself, I decided to join the Student Government Association and see how I can help all the clubs at the school.

If nominated for the position of Treasurer, I look forward to learning more about the clubs that reside
at the BAC. As Treasurer, I have full confidence in having responsibility of managing the budgets & expenses of these different clubs. If needed, I will make the most appropriate decisions that are in best interest of the club and students.

My own personal achievements related to budgeting include supervising staff and expenses for a
current $100k budget project at work. Last summer I was was involved in a Makers club, assisting and budgeting a 6 week class to teach Raspberry Pi coding for middle schoolers. Writing proposals for work clients has also taught me to create accurate budgets that stay within the appropriate range of funds.

Please consider me as a candidate for Treasurer.

Thank you

Nominees for Secretary:

Julia Garofalo
M. Arch

My name is Julia Garofalo and I am pursuing the role of Secretary of the Student Government Association. In the past I have worked in a similar capacity in an administrative role and any of my classmates can vouch for my organizational abilities. Furthermore, I was president and founder of the Boston University Architecture Club during my undergraduate career. I currently work part-time in a local firm as an accessibility planner in addition to tutoring at the LRC. I am seeking the role of Secretary in order to provide support and make personal connections within our student body.

Thank you for your consideration!

Nominees for Student Representative:

Hossein Abdavies
B. Arch

I can be a great leader when it is asked of me, I will step up and do the job no matter what it is. I am responsible and take my job seriously. I know I have the traits of a leader because I am self-motivated, focus, respectful, honest and passionate. Now this is the first time I have joined a Student Government Association, in high school I was invited to join the Association but I respectfully turn it down because I wasn’t sure if I was ready for such responsibility, but as time passed I realized that I’ve made a terrible mistake of turning down the opportunity to show how of a great leader I can be and I believe that this time is my second change to reach my goal. Being part of Student Life has been a dream of mine and to see it come true would mean a lot to me.

Gouttaman Ananda Selvan
M. Arch

Hello my name is Gouttaman and I am running for Student Representative. I decided to run because I want to have a stronger and more active relation between the student and the association. I have been a member of the AIAS for the following year, and attended conference and general meeting and helped in planning the semester activities. Its been a successful organisation. Learnt how to make this organisation more active by attending meeting with other north-east quad colleges. It helped to me gain self confidence and become bold.

I have been one of the student orientation leaders for the spring 2017, It was a good experience in representing the school and welcoming new people. It helped in creating contacts with new people and understand them. It helped me to talk and interact freely without pressure.

I am pursuing master of architecture and this is my semester in BAC, Its been so good so far, learnt a lot of interesting stuff. Had taken part in many workshop activities happening in school and tried to interact with everyone as much as possible. I believe I am fit for the position and will do my best in rendering the service to the others.

Raghed Bakir
B. Arch

My name is Raghed Bakir. I'm in the Bachelor of Architecture program. This is my second year going on to my third at the BAC, and I would like to run for Student Government Representative. 

Magali Gonzalez
Master of Interior Architecture

My name is Magali and I am a Master of Interior Architecture student at the BAC finishing my first year. I am a good fit for this position because I represent the best interests of Masters students, Interior Architecture students, and the student body as a whole! I believe in the school and am a supporter of the initiatives of the school. Being a student representative would be an honor, and I am motivated to work in the best interests of students at the BAC.

Romain Peallat
B. Arch

I am Romain Peallat, Bachelor of Architecture in my third year and am applying for Student Representative.  I want to be a member of the SGA in order to help solve the issues that the students are most concerned with and that satisfy the needs of the school as a whole.  My favorite thing at the BAC is the diversity that creates our student community as well as the fact that we are exposed to the work environment throughout our studies. I hope to serve the BAC community for the next few years! Thank you. 

Eric Ramsay
B. Arch

I have been involved in student government for the past two years, starting with Treasurer and this past year as Vice President. I want to run for Student Representative in this position because I like knowing I can make a difference in my school and help support the future student government. I sincerely love being at this school and want to do my part to make it a better place of learning and growth for other students like it continues to be for me.