Food for Finals Spring 2017 Recap

There are a lot of mixed emotions inspired by the end of the semester.

First, there is the general stress, panic and consecutive all-nighters that capture finals season...

But students at the BAC have also learned to appreciate the free food that accompanies this time of stress.

Students have learned, er have been conditioned, to follow the waft of free food that stems from the second floor.

Whether that is the smell of pizza night and wings night...

Or hound after the greasy goodness of Tasty burgers,

plus that side of greens...
They can't help but smile when they are given loads of delicious Italian food, featuring 3 kinds of lasagna and pasta...

You know what they say about those carbs--it's a great and immediate fuel for those long evenings in the computer lab!

And holy guac! Students demolished 180 (half) burritos, over 8 lbs of guacemole and lots of salsa + chips! Not a single chip made it out alive...

It's peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time...And nutella, and fluff, and almond butter, 3 kinds of jam...and oh you get the point.

Plus a snippet of some muscle re-lax-a-tion happening here! It was amazing seeing the smiles on students faces as they left the Fishbowl. They looked rejuvenated and ready to tackle those pesky projects again!

Or sometimes they just need a second round of free food...Mm burritos = brain food!

Oh and of course, there was lots of Spring rollin' action here for Japanese/Chinese cuisine!

We also introduced Midnight Madness Passports--where you can be entered into a raffle for a free gift-card to Sweetgreen, Blick or Shake Shack simply by attending 5 or more of the Midnight Madness Passports.

Overall Spring Food for Finals 2017 was a great time all around! Thanks for sticking around and eating with us. Let us know what you thought about this year's FFF and if you have any suggestions