Thinking about Loved Ones and Recent Natural Disasters: Are you impacted?

Hurricane Season has given us three devastating storms in a row and there have been two massive earthquakes in Mexico within a matter of weeks. Many of us have loved ones who have been in, or are still in harm’s way – and in many cases they have been difficult to contact to get any news. If you are having a hard time focusing on school work at this time as your mind drifts toward worries about what you know or don’t know, you are not alone, and it is important to connect, and there are three good ways to do so:

• Send an email to your academic advisor – works if you are not sure who to contact. They can help you strategize about how to take care of yourself and make a plan to catch up.

• The Student Assistance Program offers immediate, confidential and free help: 800-756-3124. 

• Stop by the Office of Student Life. We are interested in your story, and ways of banding together to offer support to each other, and those who are impacted by these disasters. 

We at the BAC want to help you juggle the hard work of design school and the normal, real concerns that anybody with connections to Mexico, Florida, Texas, or the Caribbean is having at this time. Now is a great time to reach out!