Safety Notice: Con-Man in Boston

Please note that a notorious con-man named Elliot Davis has been conning people in the Boston area for what appears to be about 10 years. He was spotted in the Back Bay area last night. According to an article on the Odyssey:

"A well-dressed Davis approaches someone on the street and tells them a sob story of a flat tire. He only needs a few bucks to buy a fix-a-flat, he pleads. This "few bucks" has been as high as $80 in some stories. Con artists usually ask for a non-rounded amount of money--$12, $14, $22-- in hopes that his prey does not have exact change and ends up giving $20 or $30 flat. For those who do not have cash on them, Davis points to an ATM conveniently located right around the corner. He is rather convincing because many people do go to the ATM, but still others do not."

You can see a picture of Davis above, and below you can also read the full Odyssey article, as well as several discussion boards regarding Davis.

Link to article:

Links to discussion boards:

Please be mindful of this and stay safe everyone!