Student Government Elections 2018/2019 :: Meet the Candidates

Meet the candidates for SGA in 2018/2019!

Polls will open Thursday, April 26th at 9am and end on Sunday, April 29th at 11:59pm. Election Results will be posted the following day, Monday, April 30th by noon.

Nominees for President:

Komila Rakhimova

My name is Komila Rakhimova, many of you may already know me as your peer - working towards my bachelors of architecture . I have always been fascinated by the  heterogeneity of everything around us, in the multiplicity of scale that they inhabit, from the human being to the building to the global scale. That very characteristic of diversity is what sustains us, it is both the solution and the problem.
I came to the BAC with the goal of becoming an architect. Today, I’ve broadened my goal through platforms such as Studio Q and BAC Makers, which have allowed me to grow and have fostered new understandings; not only as a individual but as a member of the community. I believe in the BAC as a  community, one that is filled with possibilities and resources, solutions and voices, but one that lacks collective dynamism at present.

I am applying to be your President of SGA as part of a team. We aim to curate a platform that exists in fluidity. Not as a finite initiative, but as the parameters by which we can workshop and homogenize our vision for the future of this institution.
SGA, to us, is the device that will facilitate our ambition towards implementing a culture of cross- pollination, and that will allow us to transcend the limitations of implied boundaries so that our community can exist as a space in which new questions and imaginative modes of understanding can begin to take root. From the smallest of thoughts, revolution is born. By recognizing this potential and by strategically steering the passion and enthusiasm, of this student body, we intend to create an incredible sense of community. We aim to counteract the culture of isolation that currently exists at the BAC. Together we will amplify the voices of students and, moreover, find a way to transform those voices into tangible solutions. I believe there is an  incredible potential hidden within the student body which demands to be exposed and used to create a new paradigm within our school.

Donald Respress

Professional Practice:
- A driven proven leader in and out of the classroom
- 15+ years of corporate experience (worked for GM & GE respectively)
The bulk of my career was in managerial leadership roles (4 yrs as a program mgr.)
- Holds an BS in Electrical Engineering & an MBA with a concentration in Marketing (honor graduate)
- Currently, 1800 architectural practice hours recorded and will be signing up for IPAL

AIAS Achievements:
- Currently Chapter President
- Led the chapter in revitalizing our dormant BAC chapter; from 0 to now 35 members strong
- Led the chapter in re-establishing our AIAS brand locally in Boston, and across the entire AIAS, nationally

Consider this:  If the Students of BAC had one opportunity to present our narrative of needs to the BAC board or government officials, would you want someone who has been tested, proven, and credible, in and out of the classroom?  If your answer is yes, then let Donald D. Respress, Jr. work for YOU! #oneBAC

Nominees for Vice President:

Anh Le

Being an international student taught me one thing is that I want to evolve as a
person who serve not only for my country or the country that I’m studying in. I want to
serve the whole society. Everything has connection and when everything works well
together, we will have a bigger rate of developing. Therefore, after thinking very
thoughtfully, I want to be the Vice President of the Social Government Association. I
believe that I can be the bridge for all the organizations and clubs in the BAC. First of
all, I am a student myself and growing up, school is always a second home to me. The
school give me education and spend most of my time here so there is no other way to
explain it. It is a home for me and definitely a home for everyone else here as well. As a
common thing, I always want a home that you feel like you want to stay, a home that
you would feel comfortable to spend most of your day in. I want the students to have the
best place to learn but also to enjoy as a part of their life in. Another reason that leads
me to the decision of apply for Vice President is that I want the SGA to be more
noticeable. I want every student in the school to know that they have SGA got their
back. Why I am a suitable person for this position? I’m confident to say that I am a
strong communicator, and creative person. And recently, I have been successful at
organizing what to do in order to be as productive as possible. So having a person like
me in the team would be beneficial. With my ability, SGA will have more events, more

creations, and more connections.

Alissa M. Santelli

My name is Alissa Marcano Santelli, a current Bachelors Design Studies candidate, acts as current Midnight Fellows. I helped in starting the Midnight Fellows for the improvement of late night activities, turning it into a growing portion of the BAC’s student life identity. I am currently concentrating on sustainable design and historical preservation, and my professional ambitions are in learning how sustainable design can combine with historical preservation to foster a better equality in the social and civic while creating and restoring a bond between nature and our infrastructure. From the moment we enter the field of design, we gain an understanding that it is interdisciplinary. This collaborative community is what creates the culture of the BAC. One individual alone has only one voice, if we want change, rather we should work together. As Vice President, and a part of the SGA board, I wish to spearhead this approach, by engaging the community to accomplish the goals that the student want and need.

Nominees for Treasurer:

Jay Cadwallader

My name is Jay Cadwallader, and I’m in my third year at the BAC. I am running for SGA in
collaboration with a core of individuals whose ambition for this institution I am encouraged and
motivated by. I am running for the position of treasurer (though this group’s emphasis on
collaboration - and its ability to blur the rigidity of roles - will persist even within our proceedings
as your government) . If elected, I will commit myself to challenging the existing lack of coalition
in the student body; to advocate on behalf of the massive, yet often unrealized, potential of our
students through the methods of publication, conversation, and exhibition. It is my hope that this
culture of exchange can begin to reinstate the community that made our college a society in the
past. The way that we allow ourselves to be perceived by the design community will revolve
around our ability to collaborate and provoke innovation from one another - it would be my
honor, as your peer and advocate, to work on your behalf in beginning to implement a more

cohesive culture of innovation and community here at our Boston Architectural College.

Nominees for Secretary:

Alexandre Costa

My name is Alexandre Costa, fourth year candidate for Bachelor of Architecture, and I am interested in running for secretary. I hope to be a powerful voice for the student body that will bridge the gap between students and faculty. Along with my team, I will strive to bring Student Government into a powerful entity known for effective, efficient, exciting, and engaging meetings and campus activities. As a person who enjoys listening to the student body and their concerns, I'll look forward to combine such endeavors with my personal experience to implement effective and meaningful change. Being a campus leader will expound my abilities coordinating group activities, professional communication, interpersonal communication, presentation skills and creative strategies in order to enrich the BAC community.

Nominees for Student Representative:

Fatima-Zohra El Bekri El Alaoui

My name is Fatima-Zohra and I transferred to the BAC two years ago to continue my Bachelor of Architecture Degree. Before that, I attended two other architecture schools in Paris and Florida.
Having experienced different educational systems in various parts of the world and being exposed to diversity in both culture and backgrounds from a very young age has enhanced my ability to adapt to circumstances and stretch my knowledge as a student, as a designer, and mostly as an individual part of a community.

As part of the larger world community of design, I believe that it is important to keep nurturing the culture of exchange in which it is deeply rooted. As part of the BAC community, I believe that it is necessary to keep engaging, exchanging, and above all listening. As part of a smaller group of enthusiasts and believers, I want to use the SGA platform as a trampoline to not start but continue the long thread of change for our community. I want to help build people’s voices by asking the right questions, and working together to find the best alternatives.

Sean Gross

My name is Sean Gross, and I am a current Bachelor of Architecture Candidate. From my very first semester, I was a work-study student for the Office of Student Life. This would later transition to being a Midnight Fellow for both the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semester. During both positions under the OSL, I began to establish an idea on how to communicate with all entities of the college with informative write-ups and poster design for created and hosted events. I believe that there needs to be a proper connection established between the student’s of BAC, the administration, staff and alumni. One way in which this can be accomplished is through engaging and inviting graphics that have the possibility to be revamped and re-established. What better way then by and through design, for designers.

Olumide Lucas

I am interested in running for student representative. My goals are to assist in having student’s
voices heard, learning new ideas from the student body and staff, then work on ways to
implement those ideas. Also, I would love to help in providing activities and events for students
to participate in as well. Additionally, I am always seeking new ways to improving the quality of
life on campus. The student government has been quite active this year and keeping with that

tradition, I would like to be part of the SGA, to do as much for the students as we possibly can.