Taking Good Care

We have seen some disturbing and violent events in the news in the past couple of weeks. It’s jarring for many of us, perhaps because we spend all our time at the BAC, a place where we routinely witness how we take care of each other here.  The computer lab becomes a place where fast technical help can be found – sometimes from a person whose name you do not know – just by asking. I watch how people make room for each other--and their projects-- in the elevator and support each other in reviews.  BAC people work hard and we bring each other along.

Today is a good day to review the BAC Campus Compact because it makes it clear why and how we create a supportive educational environment on our campus and in our firms. At the BAC we reject bullying and mistreatment of others, and we respect individuals for who they are.

For those who may find that the stress of the news or school is getting to them, I invite you to drop by the Office of Student Life to talk about what’s on your mind, or change the subject for a little while (and have free popcorn, coffee, tea, BAC bumper stickers, etc.). I also want to remind folks that our Student Assistance Program can be reached at 1-(800) 756-3124 and www.studenttalkone2one.com.

I am very proud of the diversity and community at the BAC. Let’s keep taking good care of one another.

-Richard Griswold, Dean of Students